About Us

SoundCraft is an elite mobile electronics shop offering nothing but the best in installation and equipment available. We are online, but sorry we don't sell over the internet. We are a retail and service business specializing in, quite frankly the BEST.


Founded in 1991 by 2 brothers, SoundCraft Car Stereo has accomplished a successful climb to be ranked in the Top 50 Retailers in the country.

We pride ourselves on unsurpassed quality and workmanship which directly set us in a league of our own. Stunning and innovative installations are created and designed that are second to none.

Over the years the store grew, as did our reputation. The idea that quality and workmanship could generate a quality product is our founding goal.


SoundCraft Car Stereo has been serving New England with the finest mobile electronics products and installations for over 20 Years. Designing and creating award winning installations is our forte. Industry recognized and awarded Top 50 Retailers by ME Magazine.
The showroom floor has been engineered from the ground up. The must see displays offer the most discriminating consumer a chance to "engage" the sound and allow for a total experience.

Selling only the best products lines, these products are handpicked by the professionals and offer the finest quality available in the world. These standards are utilized to give the customer a "perfect" products selection for all tastes and budgets. Distinctive and unique installations are what set SoundCraft apart from others. Also awarded Top 100 Installers in the United States by ME Magzine.

We pride ourselves on designing, creating, and performing installations that surpass the imaginations of our customers.